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— For Expanding Your Career
— For Overcoming a
Career Interruption
The Career Alliance Program meets most Wednesdays at 9 a.m. at St. Jude Catholic Church in Allen, Texas (in the Lecture Hall).
Please contact Jack Bick at with questions or more information!
About Us

The St. Jude Career Alliance helps develop career strategies for college students, career builders and unemployed people.

We provide a resource website, including a calendar with training and development opportunities, parish networking, and spiritual and emotional support group opportunities.

If any one is interested in participating, the planning committee meets monthly (6 p.m., the first Monday of the month at St. Jude), contact Jack Bick at

If you or someone you know is a hiring manager for your company, or you are willing to be a contact for job openings in your company, please contact Jack Bick at to post them on the website. We are always looking for new employment opportunities.

Volunteers Needed

Call to offer your talents! Email Jack Bick at

Discovery: Marketing My Career topics:

Session 1: Discovery – Yourself

Session 2: Discovery – Resume

Session 3: Discovery – Search / Network

Session 4: Discovery – Interview

Session 5: Discovery – Summary / Review


Vision, Mission, Strategy & Tactics

I. Vision: The Career Alliance Ministry provides a Christian faith-based program to empower people who seek employment and the ability to thrive in their careers.

II. Mission: The Career Alliance Ministry offers a series of activities for the unemployed, misemployed and those seeking advancement. These activities involve networking on many levels including skills curriculum, events, peer conversations and resources.

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