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— For a First Career
— For Expanding Your Career
— For Overcoming a
Career Interruption
The Career Alliance Program meets most Wednesdays at 9 a.m. at St. Jude Catholic Church in Allen, Texas (in the Lecture Hall).
Please contact Jack Bick at with questions or more information!
Job Seeker Websites

While we strongly advise you to develop target companies and sell yourself to them, we offer these websites for job seekers.

Career DFW

Job Rapido

Search 4 U

Vet Center of North Texas

Career Builder


Craig's List

Get a Job Tips

Interns Over 40

Cindy Baccus

Feb. 15: Cindy Baccus, of, presents the new and rapidly-changing features (and faux pas') of the ever-evolving LinkedIn professional networking tool to the Career Alliance meeting.

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