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The Career Alliance Program meets most Wednesdays at 9 a.m. at St. Jude Catholic Church in Allen, Texas (in the Lecture Hall).
Please contact Jack Bick at with questions or more information!


Career Alliance gave me the motivation to keep on going and the reassurance I needed to focus more on networking vs applying online to open positions. Thank You for all you do.

Monica M., MBA

Quit the Job Boards

Per the recommendation at Career Alliance I quit looking for jobs at the job boards and networked more than ever. I returned from a trade show {in my industry} with four hot leads one of which was a landing for me.

Ron W., Job Seeker


Each section of the Discovery: Career Marketing had information that I was able to utilize in my search and eventual landing of a new career position. I highly recommend that anyone in career transition attend the five-week course as well as the other Career Alliance offerings each Wednesday.

Michael K., Environmental, Safety & Health Professional

Star Stories

Career Alliance helped me to keep the faith that our Heavenly Father has a plan, although it didn't seem that way. The STAR Stories were also extremely helpful. I just took control of the conversation {interview} by redirecting to my STAR Stories. To prove I had a history of success.

Henry C., Certified Scrum Master

Since becoming unemployed nearly 10 months ago, I had participated in several network groups in the DFW area. While they are all good, I found the level of sincerity and compassion at the Career Alliance Ministry at St. Jude's to be the highest among these groups. The focus on God's calling in the career search was truly inspirational.

Amelia L., Job Seeker


Key job search ingredients for me was LinkedIn. That is what got my last two interviews and what landed me the job. I reconnected with contacts I had and informed them I was looking for work. Career Alliance was a great help because it really helped me in brushing up on my skills to best market myself. Networking with people vs being in front of a computer all day submitting or searching online was also a moral boost.

Cheryl W., Job Seeker


Thank you for the ministry of Career Alliance at St. Jude's. The program helped me in many practical ways. The networking opportunities and real world tips for the job search were great, but perhaps most importantly for me, it provided structure during the transition. The program stressed the importance of communicating to a potential employer how I can help them, and not the other way round. I believe this perspective and focus, more than anything else, helped me land the new job.

Ty S., Job Seeker

Sounding Board

The Career Alliance ministry at St. Jude provided me with excellent practical advice on networking, interviewing, and navigating a job search. Additionally, the ministry was a source of fellowship and support. I quickly met several other job seekers who cheered me on and served as a sounding board during my search. I am thankful to Jack, Della, Steve, Jen and all of the other volunteers who give their time to make this ministry possible.

Elizabeth A., Job Seeker

Although I participated in other career search organizations, I felt a kindred connection to the Christ Centered Career Group at St. Jude. Everyone is so caring and helpful. St. Jude's Career Alliance program offers a road map for job seekers. It helps you be thoughtful and organized. They also have phenomenal speakers who offer insight and motivation. It is a program worth participating in.

Rosanna, Job Seeker


I wanted to let you know that I am thankful and appreciate all that you and the St.Jude's Career Alliance group do to help people. I've missed the last couple weeks (because I am working again!). I am back at work – the employer that let me go is the same one that re-hired me. I look ahead with hope knowing that I've made it through perhaps my toughest time yet.

John, Job Seeker


Thank you so much for your encouragement, prayers, resume assistance and for your fellowship!

Noralynn, Job Seeker


This is to notify you that I GOT A J-O-B! Thank you for all of the enjoyable meetings I attended at your parish, and for the care and compassionate assistance you offer to job-seekers!

Deborah, Job Seeker


I will start my new position ... tomorrow. I truly appreciate all the encouragement from the participants at St. Jude Career Alliance. My prayers and good wishes are with all of those wonderful people. Thanks for all of your help during this time of transition for me. May God bless all of you.

Glenn, Job Seeker


Thank you for your support and your work with the Career Alliance. I learned a lot of important things about myself during this job transition and St. Jude was a big part of it. The techniques for uncovering your own, unique, God-given talents and the job search methods are extremely effective.

Brad, Job Seeker


Thank you for all that you have done to support me in my job quest. I sure appreciate the efforts of Career Alliance. I have met some great people through this group. I appreciate all the prayers and guidance. The faith based workshop is outstanding. I thank God for His guidance.

Steve W., Job Seeker

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