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The Career Alliance Program meets most Wednesdays at 9 a.m. at St. Jude Catholic Church in Allen, Texas (in the Lecture Hall).
Please contact Jack Bick at with questions or more information!
What We Do


The St. Jude Career Alliance Ministry now uses a curriculum series entitled Discovery: Marketing My Career. Learn more by reading the summary below. Career Alliance is in its ninth year and has accounted for over 325 people finding jobs within the last four years. The curriculum is presented four times per year with five weekly sessions each time.

Expert Speakers

Between the curriculum presentations, speakers who are experts in various facets of the Job Search process come to Career Alliance to add practical advice. These speakers include recruiters, authors, and people from fields that are critical to a successful Job Search. These include experts on LinkedIn, Emotional Intelligence, resumes, etc. See the calendar.


Career Alliance provides many resources for Job Seekers including the Dallas Business Journal's (DBJ) Book of Lists, The Dallas Morning News' Best Places to Work, weekly DBJ, helpful websites, and books by authors who are experts on Job Search subjects like LinkedIn, Networking, etc. In addition, many of the Power Point presentations by the Expert Speakers are in the Resources Section of this website.

Curriculum Summary

As a proactive job seeker you are in an avalanche of information. It is easy to get overwhelmed and side tracked. However, within the Discovery: Marketing My Career there is a simple four-point pathway to success. And success means a job that fits your "calling" and provides fulfillment on many levels. Today there is a "herd" environment that tries to treat everyone the same which then makes the process impersonal and does not necessarily lead to the best person getting the job. If you go along with the impersonal process you are nothing more than a number in the lottery. Put you job search into hyper-speed to personalize everything you do.

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The Career Alliance Ministry provides a Christian faith-based program to empower people who seek employment and the ability to thrive in their careers.


The Career Alliance Ministry offers a series of activities for the unemployed, misemployed and those seeking advancement. These activities involve networking on many levels including events, peer conversations and resources.


Check out resources on the St. Jude website. You may also review the Calendar for scheduling of our Career Alliance Ministry meetings and other career-related events going on in the area.

"Thus says the Lord; Stand beside the earliest roads, ask the pathways of old. Which is the way to good, and walk it; thus you will find rest for your souls." Jeremiah 6:16


Linked In

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The St. Jude Career Alliance Ministry Offers Helpful Resources in:

■ Individual Coaching

■ Career Direction

■ Resume Writing

■ Networking for Jobs

■ Interview Preparation

■ Negotiating a Job Offer

■ And more

Is this for you?

If you are at or approaching a crossroads in your career, the answer is YES!

You may be exploring your career choices ... changing careers, and seeking God's will in these endeavors. You may be misemployed, unemployed or even super-employed and looking for more fulfillment. You simply may be wondering what to do about your job situation.

In all these cases, we invite you to think of Career Alliance.

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